Hashtags That Changed the World in 2014


Twitter has become a dominant outlet for people to express their feelings on current events. While some trending topics create a stir, some create a movement. Here are four hashtags from 2014 that helped create global recognition for the topics. #HandsUpDontShoot We cannot talk about social media and 2014 without mentioning the controversial shooting of […]

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Five Big Brand Fails of 2014


If you are looking for a good laugh, here are five brands’ marketing campaigns that are sure to give one. From relating your food to holiday costumes, forcing people to listen to your music and claiming “vintage” as a defense for subliminal messages on tragic events, these strategies are sure to make you wonder where […]

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YouTube’s Most Popular Ads of 2014

In light of YouTube’s increased following in 2014, marketers have incorporated the video sharing website into big marketing strategies. With some videos raking in more than 1 million views, it is a great way to have your product noticed. Some companies excelled in this advertising capacity, with one video tallying almost a billion views. As […]

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Is Bad Publicity A Good Marketing Strategy?


Could A Good Marketing Strategy Actually Be Through Bad Publicity? The topic of feminism has risen in popularity due to its recent exposures by popular culture and political backlash. Everybody who dabbles in or around the topic seems to garner good or bad attention. But is bad publicity better than no publicity? Coca-Cola and its […]

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