BMI Elite Gives Back: Drive to End Hunger

BMI Elite dolphins event

This past weekend, several BMI Elite employees took part in the AARP and Miami Dolphins event as part of the larger Drive to End Hunger initiative, which works to provide meals for the elderly population. The goal was to package up 1 million means for seniors in Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach Counties—to help the elderly […]

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New Starbucks Campaign Not About Coffee

Starbucks only started advertising in 2007—ages after the company was already established—and even since it first began rolling out ad spots, the company has been conservative about its distribution. The latest campaign from Starbucks, with three new ads from agency BBDO, is more abstract than most of the advertising in the café and coffee products […]

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Instagram Touts Taco Bell and Chobani Success

Chobani Ad

In another bid to attract advertisers to its platform, Instagram recently presented new success stories for two companies that have been running campaigns, touting their success. Taco Bell and Chobani yogurt have been partnering with Instagram, and the results do speak to the possibility of the photo-sharing platform as a viable place for advertisers with […]

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More Brands Bash Apple in Dubious Strategy

Last week, brands of all kinds tried to cash in on the attention directed to Apple for their presentation of two new phones, a new payment system, new iOS features, and—of course—a new wearable product. Some succeeded better than others, in terms of getting a message across that made sense and was apropos to the […]

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Anonymous Apps Attract Advertisers—But Also Bring Risks

For brands looking to capture the attention of Millennials—particularly teenagers and young adults—apps such as Whisper, Secret, and Yik Yak are attractive options for a lot of reasons; the anonymous platforms boast millions of highly engaged users in a very important demographic: the 18-24 age group. However, allegations of the apps being bastions for cyberbullying […]

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