Lane Bryant Pokes at Victoria’s Secret with #ImNoAngel Campaign


Plus-sized clothing store Lane Bryant has found a very cheeky way to showcase their new line and promote confidence. The brand released a 30-second video, in black and white and no music, with beautiful models in lingerie. “The Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel initiative celebrates women of all shapes and sizes by redefining society’s traditional notion of […]

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Subscriptions Are Shown Profitable for Digital Content and Apps


The idea that subscriptions are mainly used for print is slowly starting to change. According to Business Insiders, subscriptions for digital media companies, whether through websites and apps, have shown positive results, ”The business model allows digital media companies to provide a premium experience that offers more than the basic, often ad-supported service level.” In other words, […]

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Micro Mobile Moments: Coming to a Campaign Near You


Both Samsung and Apple have released new information about smartwatch technologies that will be realeased soon.  While Samsung was the first to release the smartwatch, Apple’s version is coming out soon and it is estimated that the new technologies will dominate the market. According to the PWC’s Consumer Intelligence Series, the Wearable Future reports that, […]

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