BMI Elite Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary!


BMI Elite Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary in a Big Way!  BMI Elite was happy to celebrate their five year anniversary last week on March 1, 2015! In order to commemorate the great success, CEO Brandon Rosen and President Dan Lansmen hosted a company wide barbecue featuring a DJ, game master and a full-roasted pig! Everybody […]

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Five Ways to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a prevalent method of gaining attention and turning it into profit. It’s also a great tool to establish and build relationships between your business and customers because of the variable methods you can use it. From up-sell and cross-selling your products, to gaining feedback from your clients, email marketing is a great […]

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Five Ways to Generate Leads

  Without any customers, your company won’t be successful. Creating the leads to bring in potential clients is a vital part of any marketing or business strategy that must be conducted right. Here are five ways to help generate leads and get the conversion rates you need . SEO, SEM and PPC Google can be […]

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BMI Elite Is Now Kenshoo Certified


BMI Elite is proud to announce that Joseph Choi, Director of Paid Search, has become Kenshoo Certified.  Kenshoow is, “a global software company that engineers cloud-based digital marketing solutions and predictive media optimization technology.” In other words, they are a great asset for any company to know and utilize if they are looking to direct […]

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